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No one has ever become poor from giving. - Anne Frank

We offer our customers an unmatched level of philanthropic engagement by giving

Philanthropy is why we exist and it is our unrelenting focus on giving that makes all of our relationships special.  We donate 50% of the net profits generated by your purchases to charity. Additionally, we strive to offer our groups and customers an unmatched level of social engagement by directing these donations to 501c3 designated charities of their choice.  Through our existing charity partners or through a foundation that is associated with your organization, we strive to make a difference in the communities that you cherish most.

Our Mission:

20 %


Boring corporate uniform policies can now generate life-altering support for your favorite charitable foundations.

These are just some of the causes that we are proud to support through our relationship with Just Cause Cares

If you have a 501c3 organization with a professional arm in need of apparel, consider becoming a Just Cause.

Buy Apparel. Share Profits. Change Lives.

Streamline your group apparel purchases and give back.