Most companies solve problems to make profits.

We solve problems with our profits.

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Our Purpose? To Give 50% of Net Profits to the Charity of Your Choice

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You and your employees have worn uniforms or work apparel your entire careers. Whether serving others, leading a team, teaching the next generation, or building fantastic things for our society, you dress the part, you show up, and you perform.  We want to help you do that with custom embroidered, specialty and professional apparel from some of the most iconic brands in the industry or apparel that is manufactured just for you and your brand.  From healthcare providers to chefs and any occupation in between, we have the right gear for your job.  And the best part?  All of our apparel sales support our charity partners.

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How it


Your employees shop on a customized, online e-store containing the products and styles you specify.


We collect the orders together to streamline and save on shipping costs.


We embroider and custom pack your order and ship to your office.


Your employees have a consistent look and your charity receives half our profits.


We donate 50% of the net profits generated by your purchases to your Just Cause

Just Cause starts by partnering with brand-name manufacturers to source the high-quality apparel customers have come to expect.

Our apparel catalogues include multiple brands and span multiple industries including healthcare, hospitality, and education, allowing enterprise-wide solutions for nearly any company.  The common thread with Just Cause Apparel is that our customers can buy the same high-quality products they’re already purchasing and through our profit-sharing model, support their favorite charity, their Just Cause.  This never-ending focus on “doing good”, has also created supply-chain partnerships that include wholesalers and manufacturers that allow Just Cause to deliver an unrivaled ability to pass cost savings to our large group customers.  With Just Cause, our partners win, our Just Causes win, and our customer groups win.  We earn our profits to share our profits.

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Questions? Ready to get Started?

We’re here to help. Have a question about how we can make apparel purchases faster and easier for your group? We are ready and willing to answer any an all questions you have about streamlining your process.

We are happy to announce that we are planning a capital raise to support our growth.

Since 2021, Just Cause Apparel has expanded from healthcare apparel into convenience store apparel, chefwear, and highly specialized automotive wear.  We provide uniforms to groups all over this country with regional and national footprints and we are approaching $100,000 of sustainable, recurring donations to your favorite Just Causes. 

We believe our strong revenue growth proves that our solution to customers’ apparel and supply chain needs is a difference maker. We are excited to invite our friends, colleagues, and even total strangers to partner with us on scaling a profitable business to make an even greater impact.