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The New Face of the Frontline


Back to school. Three words that have developed an entirely new set of meanings. In previous years, back to school meant shopping for supplies like expo markers and craft supplies as well as planning lessons for classrooms full of students, five days a week.

But this back to school season is ushering in a new normal. This year, in addition to traditional classroom needs, teachers and schools are stockpiling hand sanitizer, gloves, and masks. And, in addition to new supplies, teachers are performing all new tasks. Teachers, specifically, are being asked to take on the role of the school nurse by screening children and taking temperatures, while also acting as extensions of environmental service professionals with routine and regular disinfection of their classroom surfaces. All of this occurs in the midst coordinating lesson plans that dually serve both in-person and distance learning students.

So, as teachers and students are returning to all new learning environments, it begs the question—how can we safely equip teachers to return to in-person learning? There is at least one simple solution. Allow teachers the option of wearing scrubs.

Having taught in a classroom environment for over twenty years, Just Cause Apparel Co-Founder, Laura Johnson, understands the concerns teachers hold as they head back to school this year.

“Teachers are battling an inner struggle, knowing “in person” instruction is best for their students while having concerns about not only protecting their own health, but the health of their entire family.” She goes on to add, “This year teachers are having to use their daily planning periods to deep clean their classrooms with harsh chemicals that could potentially damage their personal wardrobes.” “Wearing scrubs to school is one way to alleviate some of these worries.”

Now, scrubs in schools isn’t an entirely new concept, with school nurses, health science teachers and athletic training staff commonly adopting this clothing choice. And in a time where our teachers are exposed to hundreds of students daily, it affords both teachers and students an extra layer of precaution.

In fact, many schools, including schools in states like Florida, Louisiana, and Texas, have already offered their teachers the opportunity to add scrubs to their dressing rotation. Additionally, when asked in his Townhall Conversation with the American Federation of Teachers, “what protective personal equipment should teachers be wearing,” Dr. Fauci responded that it “would be reasonable for teachers to wear something they can dispose or wash immediately after work, so they don’t have to bring their clothes home.” And, driving Dr. Fauci’s point home, the CDC still notes that, “the virus may remain viable for hours to days on surfaces made from a variety of materials, including clothing.”

With scrubs, teachers can set aside the worry of over-washing (and having to replace) personal and expensive street-clothing, knowing that scrubs were built for high-heat, heavy-duty washing environments. By equipping our nation’s teachers with scrubs, we are outfitting a new, frontline of workers with necessary PPE that could ultimately keep teachers and students safer.

Today’s scrubs offer a wide variety of fit and fashions, allowing for self-expression, comfort, and ease of mobility. Scrubs offer a professional appearance, while also projecting an image of health and safety. When our teachers are clothed in PPE, they can rest assured knowing that at the end of the day, their scrubs can easily go into the wash—without fear of fading, stretch, or degradation—to be ready for the next workday. All the while, their students are offered visual cues of their teachers putting safety first.

But all scrubs weren’t created equal. And no, we don’t mean in regard to quality and price. We mean the mission. It’s no secret that teachers are often some of the most self-sacrificing, altruistic professionals. And, with Just Cause Apparel, teachers and school administrators can procure necessary PPE, while continuing to give back.

Just Cause Apparel offers scrubs at competitive prices, shipping straight to the consumer, but with a twist. At Just Cause Apparel we donate 50% of our net profits to charities of our customers’ choosing, from a list of affiliated non-profits. Plus, many of these charities are focused on children themselves, with our charity partners including JDRF, the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, Project Hope Foundation, Shriners Hospitals for Children®, and the Prisma Health Children’s Hospital.

With Just Cause Apparel teachers can remain comfortable and safe by securing the scrubs they need, all while helping even more children in the process. Because, at the end of the day, this school year will proceed. COVID-19 will continue to challenge the way we work, learn, and ultimately, live. But, with scrubs in schools, we can make the 2020-2021 school year safer.

With Just Cause Apparel, we can deliver hope and funds to those in need, while clothing the new face of the frontline. Not all angels have wings. Some are teachers. And some wear scrubs.