GME Lab Coat Request

Just Cause Apparel is an on-line retailer of scrubs and so much more. We offer medical apparel for large groups and systems that want their clothing to do more. How do we do this? We donate 50% of the net profits from your purchases to one of our amazing charity partners. Rush Medical is now one of these special systems. Please fill out the form below to select your item(s) to be provided by your company stipend. This form can only be filled out once per user.

Rush GME Order Form
Internal Medicine Subspecialties should select Internal Medicine. Your order will be delivered to the department you select.


Your name will be embroidered on your Labcoats and/or Fleece. Input the name you wish to have embroidered. A comma, and your degree will be concatenated to your name. E.g. John Smith, MD


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Women's Styles

Maevn Momentum 36″ Womens Lab Coat
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Maevn Womens Blaze Warm-up Bonded Fleece Jacket
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After making your selection, you must click the SUBMIT MY ORDER button at the bottom of the form.